Unlocked Abilities

Gain all job abilities from your sub job and if your main job and sub job share job traits, their effects will now stack.

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Dual Equipment

Equip items that not only your main job can use, but also items that your sub job can use too.

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Global Dual Wield

All jobs now gain the Dual Wield trait at level one to allow further customization with less reliance on /NIN.

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Build your dream job combination

in a job system that shakes up the old hashed and rehashed 75-cap metagame that has lasted for years. Tonberry offers a brand new experience to shake things up for veteran players in the familiar world of Vana'diel.

How it works is when you set a sub job, its level is doubled in an attempt to catch up to your main job's level. This prevents the need to constantly grind to keep your levels up to par and you will only ever need to get your jobs intended to be subs up to level 37, just like before.

All characters start with sub jobs already unlocked and have 2x EXP up to level 30 and 1.5x EXP to level 40 to allow quicker access to trying out fun job combinations. Among a few other "quality-of-life" improvements you can read in our Features page (such as +25% movement speed), Tonberry retains that 75 level cap experience, this time with a new job system.


It's free!

Unlike the official FFXI servers, you do not need an active subscription to play on Tonberry. Simply download, install, create an account and make a character!