75-cap ToAU Era Gameplay

Tonberry's vision is a brand new job system in a familiar old school 75-cap environment. The expansions Rise of the Zilart, Chains of Promathia and Treasures of Aht Urghan are playable along with all of their included jobs as well as Dancer (in a modified form).


Fast-track Experience

Since Tonberry's main focus is its new job system to offer a new FFXI experience for veteran players, there is a 2x EXP multiplier up to level 30 and a 1.5x EXP multiplier up to level 40 to allow quick access for experimenting with different job combinations.

Flexible Party System

On Tonberry, party EXP share is increase for 2, 3, 4 and 5 member parties and EXP chains can be further apart before breaking. This allows for more flexibility when playing with friends as you are not forced to need 6 members to party effectively.

Faster Movement Speed

Most private servers that increase player movement speed also break the danger aspect of FFXI since players can then easily outrun any aggressive monsters in the world. Tonberry has 25% increased movement speed but special coding for the monsters so they can keep up and remain deadly.

Speedy Chocobos

Tonberry has homepoint teleports disabled to remain more true to the 75-cap experience but has faster chocobo speed to cut down travel times without making the world of Vana'diel feel tiny.


Dual Equipment

One of the main attraction points of Tonberry is the ability to equip weapons and armor that are usable by your sub job, allowing a lot of room for creativity in your main job and sub job setup to create your ideal class.

Global Dual Wield

All jobs in Tonberry now have access to the Dual Wield trait to allow further customization with less reliance on /NIN. DNC and NIN still get extra ranks of Dual Wield at their respective levels to remain attractive choices and THF now gets Dual Wield II @ 30 and Dual Wield III @ 60.

Maximized Storage Capacity

On private servers when you can own multiple characters at no extra cost to hold items for your main character, it makes sense to cap the main character's mog house storage options to cut that inevitable middle man. Tonberry does exactly that.

No More Rare Juggling

To cut the last string that would require you to have multiple mule characters, players on Tonberry can now own multiple copies of a rare item instead of needing to juggle rare items across multiple characters.


Custom Friend List

Because of FFXI's reliance on PlayOnline to have a functioning friend list, no FFXI private server has an in-game friend list for its players... until now. Tonberry has a fully functioning custom friend list with features such as adding friend notes or receiving notifications when a friend logs in.

Custom Auctions Listing Viewer

On darkstar private servers for FFXI you may list any amount of items on the auction house without limit. However, the FFXI client was hard coded by Square Enix to only allow viewing of the status of the first 7 items you have listed (the original listing limit). Tonberry is the first FFXI private server to have an in-game solution.

Mined Elemental Ores

Elemental ores used for making the elemental staves are now mined from various mining locations throughout Vana'diel instead of relying on chocobo digging or gardening.


Fishing on Tonberry is disabled to avoid the inevitable fishing bots that plague other private servers' economies. All fish in the game now drop from Pugils in the zones that those respective fish would be caught in.


Using Tonberry's Features

Due to the custom nature of the server and the game client's built-in limitations, in-game player commands are used to access some of Tonberry's features. To learn more, see our Server Guide on using these features.