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Patch Notes: v26 "The 'I Can Actually Hit Moving Monsters!' Update"

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:32 am
by Caelic
  • Added a lag compensation mechanic that will now allow attacking of monsters while they are moving
  • Mug's gil amount has been fixed and will no longer steal miniscule amounts
  • Most archery and marksmanship weapon skills have had their range increased from 16 yalms to 21 yalms to reflect the in-game range indicator; Blast Shot and Blast Arrow can now correctly only be used from melee range
  • Players no longer have their TP reset to 0 when attempting to use a weapon skill from out of range
  • Chest and coffer "illusion" cooldowns have been removed; the lower weakness timer for failed lockpicks added in v22 has been reverted
shortly after the patch went live:
  • Fixed a bug where Knight Crab's respawn time was 49 real-time years (Yep.)
  • The chest and coffer lockpicking success rate formula has been rewritten. 75THFs will no longer have 100% success rate on high-tier coffers with Thief's Tools