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Patch Notes: v28 "The Gosha Update"

Posted: Tue Oct 08, 2019 11:30 pm
by Caelic
  • Sobbing Saplings in Batallia Downs now properly drop Grauberg Lettuce (this was an addition in v20)
  • Fixed a bug where Weapon Bash Recast merits were having no effect
  • Fixed a bug where Weapon Bash did not have a damage message in the chat log
  • Fixed a bug where Dread Spikes was, under most circumstances, draining 0 HP
  • Fixed a bug where Dread Spikes damage message read "...spikes deal X damage to..." instead of "...spikes drain X damage from..."
  • Fixed a bug where several monsters were missing from King Ranperre's Tomb including the Ogre Bats and Ossuary Worms (reminder: these monsters have the levels from before the update where SE increased the level cap past 75. example being Ogre Bats having level 61-63 NOT 80-83)
  • Fixed a bug where Chocobo Jig was wearing off upon casting any spell on any target
  • Boll Weevil has been moved to an accessible area in the northeast corner of Jugner Forest [S] so that the Nasatya's/Dasra's ring set is now completable
  • Fixed a bug where Lumber Jack was not spawning (this was shipped mid-v27)
  • Fixed a bug where Rose Garden would not morph into Vilma if the zone was empty (this was shipped mid-v27)
  • Gosha Sarashi now interacts properly with the Ninja Tool Expertise update from v19 and will remove all tool costs