IMPORTANT! Client Update Required for v29 (FILE DOWNLOAD)

Critical announcements regarding the server, including patch notes.
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IMPORTANT! Client Update Required for v29 (FILE DOWNLOAD)

Post by Caelic » Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:27 pm

This client update changed things that are mostly optional such as updating the descriptions for items(like empress band)/job abilities/spells/traits with accurate information on how they work on Tonberry. Some things, however are required to have this dat pack. For example, you can learn Battery Charge as a BLU, however, without this update, it will show as lv 79 required in your client and you will never be able to set the spell.

There are two archive attachments below with the exact same contents: RAR or ZIP, take your pick. Windows 7 and up can open ZIP by default; an archive program is needed for RAR files. Simply download and extract the files to a location (such as your desktop) and read the readme.txt. It's a basic drag-and-drop of the dat files into your game install location.
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