Patch Notes: v30

Critical announcements regarding the server, including patch notes.
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Patch Notes: v30

Post by Caelic » Sat Nov 23, 2019 9:30 am

  • Fixed a bug where BLM AF2 could not be started with BLM as the sub job
  • Fixed a bug where PLD AF quest "Sharpening the Sword" could not be started
  • Fixed a bug where Holy Bolt damage would sometimes show extremely large numbers in the message log
  • Fixed a bug where custom NM pathing was getting stuck. Mobs such as Guivre and Cactrot Rapido will now correctly roam around instead of staying in place
  • Fixed a bug where the evasion down status effect (applied through means such as Beetles' Hi-Freq Field, Giant Bats' Ultrasonics or the Gravity spell) would always set evasion down to zero if it was applied to a player character
  • Fixed an error where SMN's Healing Ruby was using the 300 max tp system instead of the 3000 max tp system in its calculation so that its TP scaling component was 10x more powerful than it should have been
  • Kaolin has been added to the harvesting item pool for Bhaflau Thickets and Wajaom Woodlands so that some ceramic furnitures are now craftable
  • Severus Claws and Severus Claws +1 both now correctly have sale values
  • Prism Powders and Silent Oils have been removed from Mjoll's General Goods in Bastok
  • Holy Bolts' MND modifer has been increased
  • Blast Arrow and Blast Shot now gain bonus damage based on the power of the equipped main melee weapon
  • Provoke now produces bonus enmity if WAR is either the main or sub job
  • WAR's Berserk and Defender abiltiies will no longer wipe the status effect from the other
  • SCH's Manifestation now doubles recast time instead of triples it when SCH is the sub job
  • En-spells applied by SCH's Accession will now calculate damage with the original caster's enhancing magic skill instead of the user's enhancing magic skill
  • WHM's Divine Seal is now much more potent on the following: Haste, Stoneskin, Blink, Sneak, Invisible, "Regen" spells, "Raise" spells, "Reraise" spells and divine weapon skills
  • SCH's Light Arts can no longer stack with and will now overwrite WHM's Divine Seal effect for "Regen" spells
  • DRK's Dark Seal now enhances the potency of dark elemental weapon skills
  • Enabling duel mode will now remove all beneficial buffs on the player if in a duel-enabled zone
  • Raising after dying in a duel zone will now fully restore HP and MP if in a duel-enabled zone
  • It is now possible to set a duel sync level by using '!duel [team] [#]' i.e. '!duel green 40'. Being in duel mode will now prevent all EXP gain for the player and will prevent their party leader from enabling conventional level sync
  • Combat skillups are no longer possible while in duel mode
  • Fixed a bug where blood pacts would not give skillups if SMN was the sub job
  • The desynthesis recipe for Lizard Trousers has been added
  • Adjusted the Sunday Event Gift item rates. Crystals are no longer in the item pool; the quantity of all crafting materials has been increased so that most will come in full stacks to make them easier to list on the auction house; level 25-50 weapons will drop more often but level 51+ weapons will drop less often
  • Adjusted the Sunday event timers for daylight savings time so it is now back to 2PM Sundays to 2AM Mondays
  • Server crashes will no longer reset the Sunday Event Gift counter
The following was added 11/25/19
  • Fixed a bug where Cactrot Rapido would not link with Sabotenders
  • Fixed a bug where level sync from dueling would remain after being KO'd
  • There is now correctly a resale price for Durium Ore, Ingots, Sheets and Chains
A couple things I am aware of that are being postponed until the next patch: the first being the mission 2-3 issue where completing the fight is not awarding the Kindred Crest key item. The second is how mob movement works when a mob is chasing a player. So, back when player movement was increased from 40 to 50 way back in v2, if mob movement was left unchanged, you could outrun any mob and never get hit even if mob speeds were set to 50 as well. This is an issue with the latency of the netcode being unable to catch up with how quickly entities change their position on the server. As a result, monsters were given a huge movement speed boost (this is something like 80-90 movement speed) so that they could be able to hit players on the run and are absolutely ruthless when they do this, hitting the player very quickly. This system is also currently very fragile where increasing the movement speed even a small bit past 50 will cause the mob to just about never hit you on the run. Currently this is making it pretty difficult for doing longer pulls in parties without having Strider Boots on for the 12% speed bonus to literally evade any damage you would've taken on the way back to the party.

The monster movement speed increase when they turn aggressive was a fix I came up with quite a long time ago and since then I've gotten a lot better with movement netcode in FFXI, evident in the updates in v26 and v29. The lag compensation changes in these updates will be adapted and applied to monsters in the upcoming v31 update so that monsters will attack players that are on the run but much less frequently than their current barrage of swings (which will much closer to how classic FFXI works) and will also be added in a way where small movement speed bonuses like Strider Boots, Mazurka or Chocobo Jig will not have any effect on a mob attacking a running player whereas large movement speed bonuses like Flee will still work as they should, allowing you to escape battle. And with this, the mobs will again move at the same speed as players (50 movement speed) so definitely look forward to that.

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