Using the Dueling function to PVP

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Using the Dueling function to PVP

Post by Caelic » Thu Oct 31, 2019 6:32 am

Added in v29 is the PVP framework along with a command to set your PVP flag to have friendly skirmishes with other players. This dueling system requires full consent of the players on both sides and the flag can be removed and added with very few restrictions, even in the middle of a fight. Dueling-enabled zones are all towns and cities along with Gustaberg, Ronfaure and Sarutabaruta which were added to allow use of pets in duels since pets cannot spawn in towns. If a character is defeated in a duel, they will not lose experience points and will be given a free Reraise that will return them to 50% HP without a weakness effect.
Dueling can be done in other non-enabled zones, however a player defeated will lose EXP and will not gain the free Reraise effect. This is to prevent use of dueling to curb dying penalties in sure-wipe party situations. Also note that, since the PVP framework uses the Brenner/Ballista player flags, the Quarry and Sprint menu actions will appear to be available however they will have no effect and you will also see a non-functional scoreboard at the top left of the screen.

PVP combat is identical to PVE combat with a few exceptions. The first one is that two-hour abilities cannot be used in PVP. The second is that hit rates for attacks, ranged attacks, weapon skills and magic resist rates do not use any level correction. For instance, in normal PVE if you are meleeing a monster 10 levels under you, you have a flat -20 to your hit chance (aka -40 ACC) after level correction.

To use the dueling feature, simply type !duel green or !duel blue in game to join the team opposite of the players you wish to fight. Dueling can be turned off at any time by simply typing !duel, removing you from your team. GL HF and sorry for crashing the poison potion market.

Support has also been added for level syncing down within duel mode to set up much more closely matched fights. You can level sync down to any level below your current main level by typing !duel [team] [#] such as !duel green 40.

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