Other Custom Commands

A comprehensive guide for all of the custom features and commands Tonberry has to offer.
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Other Custom Commands

Post by Caelic » Tue Feb 26, 2019 10:22 am

This forum post will be dedicated to miscellaneous commands that do not fall under more extensive Server Guide posts:

This will check the version of your client and compare it to the server's expected client version. If you are running the incorrect client version, please refrain from posting client-sided bugs (such as incorrect NPC names) in the Bug Reports subforum.

This command will give your X,Y,Z coordinates. Please only use this for bug reports: this is a huge time saver for me when trying to fix a bug you're having (ex. if a quest isn't working, you can post the coordinates of the quest-giving NPC in the bug report).

Reloads the party list in case of issues arising with it loading properly with a bug that arises occasionally, such as it missing party members, not showing party member HP/MP or missing members from the list.

added in v12:
Nations that come in 2nd or 3rd more than two weeks in a row will gain +50% increased influence points (additive) per week past those first two weeks across all its citizens. For example, coming in 2nd/3rd for three weeks in a row nets 150%, four weeks nets 200% and so on. This bonus caps at 400% and resets when that nation comes in first in conquest and did not tie with another nation for that first place spot. You can check your nation's current bonus by using the in-game command !influence.

added in v17:
This command will toggle the 2x/1.5x EXP bonus while under level 30/40 ON or OFF (a.k.a. 'hardcore mode').

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