How to unlock Dancer and Scholar on Tonberry

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How to unlock Dancer and Scholar on Tonberry

Post by Enkidu » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:07 am


Follows the traditional quest with the exception of the Cavernous Maw being located around L-7 of Jugner Forest []. Jugner Forest [S] is the only accessible zone in the past; attempting to access other zones will cause a blackscreen.

You'll obtain the Pure White Feather from the NPCs involved with the Lakeside Minuet quest.



Level three mage jobs to level 30.

Storm spells are dropped from Elementals only. Most Helix spells may be found in Rabao.

Please review patch notes for information regarding Artifact Gear & Weapons. Use the Search function of the forum with keywords: Ex: 'dnc' or 'sch'.

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