Tonberry Fishing

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Tonberry Fishing

Post by Enkidu » Sun Dec 08, 2019 8:23 am

Generally speaking; if the area could normally obtain the Fish you're after, the Pugils should drop it---Here's a list I was working on in the past showing what I've found to drop from Pugils in various areas for Fishing.:

Terror Pugil [Cape Terrigan]
-bastore sardine
-zafmlug bass

Land Pugil [Beadeaux]
-cheval salmon
-copper frog
-emperor fish
-giant catfish
-moat carp
-red terrapin

Land Pugil [Jugner Forest]
15-bastore sweeper
6-cheval salmon
4-crystal bass
4-dark bass
2-emperor fish
5-giant catfish
5-gigant octopus
16-moat carp
10-red terrapin

Shoal Pugil [Bub Pennisula]
-bluetail [26] 28%
-yellow globe [66] 72%
TH3 - 30mins

Makara [Yuh Jungle]
Elshimo Frog 5
Elshimo Newt 7
Forest Carp 27
Pipira 26

Makara [M. Coast]
sack of silica
dark bass
moat carp+++

Pugil [E. Ronafure]
Cheval Salmon 33%
Crayfish 55%
Shining Trout 12%4

Pug Pugil [W. Sarata]
bastore sardine
moat carp
ogre eel

Greater Pugil [Quifim Island]
black sole [57] 22%
bluetail [28] 11%
cobalt jellyfish [42] 16%
cone calamary [19] 7%
gigant squid [6] 2%
nosteau herring [58] 23%6
three-eyed fish [2] 0.8%
tiger cod [13] 5%
yellow globe [29] 11%
254 -1hr w/Th3 [.39]

Beach Pugil [Valkurm Dunes]
bastore sardine
cobalt jellyfish
zafmlug bass

Big Jaw [Yhoatar Jungle]
Elshimo Frog
Elshimo Newt
Forest Carp

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