Blu Traits not stacking with other classes

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Blu Traits not stacking with other classes

Post by deathlos » Wed Dec 11, 2019 9:08 am

Under the server information post: All job traits now stack (except dual wield). For example, PLD35/SMN35 has a 2-tick Auto-Refresh.

While in game i noticed that the Traits Blue Mages get from picking certain spells. ... Job_Traits Are not stacking with the same traits from other classes. Example, Put "Healing Breeze" and "Sheep Song" gives me Regen 1/tick. If i as a 38 Blu /Whm at 38 i should also get a extra Regen for Regen 2/tick. Currently only one is apply. Removing the spells to remove the trait retains Regen 1/tick and Applying the spells while having any other job with also only give Regen 1/tick.

I have also noticed that The blue Magic Attack Bonus Trait is also not stacking, So not a isolated issue.

I know Blue Mage is a headcase to code, just thought I'd bring it to your attention.

Character Name - Deathlos

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