Blu "Burst Affinity" Not increasing Damage.

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Blu "Burst Affinity" Not increasing Damage.

Post by deathlos » Thu Dec 12, 2019 7:37 am

Did some testing with Burst Affinity Today, Noticed that on Non-Magic Bursted spell it was providing no Damage increase.

From the Wiki. "In addition to the above effect, Burst Affinity will also double the Status Correction modifier (ST) of your next magical Blue Magic spell, effectively enhancing the potency and accuracy of magical spells that are modified by primary attributes (INT, MND, CHR). See Calculating Blue Magic Damage for more details."

Tried with and without Burst affinity and was performing the same numbers.

Also Noticed the "Burst Affinity" buff was lasting more then one spell, Potentially allowing a Multi-burst, It is supposed to wear off after the 1st non-healing spell used.

Sorry to be a bother, Your irritating neighborhood Blu -Deathlos

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