Patch Notes: v29 The "Mages' Delight and Precarious PVP" Update

Critical announcements regarding the server, including patch notes.
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Patch Notes: v29 The "Mages' Delight and Precarious PVP" Update

Post by Caelic » Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:03 am

In case you guys needed some reading material for, like, the rest of the entire weekend:
  • The server will now automatically restart on crash
  • Maximum MP for all mage jobs has been increased by about 30%. As a general rule, Mage/nonMage should have a bit less MP than vanilla FFXI counterpart and Mage/Mage should have a bit more MP than vanilla FFXI counterpart
  • Fixed a bug where RDM's Refresh would have no effect if the player had a completed Sublimation effect. It will still correctly have no effect on a player with a charging Sublimation effect
  • RDM's Refresh now has +10 seconds added to its base duration and also scales up in duration with Enhancing Magic Skill much quicker. Assuming capped magic skill, it will reach its cap of 2m30s at level 60 now instead of level 75
  • RDM now has the Clear Mind trait
  • BLU now has access to the Battery Charge spell which has had its level requirement lowered from 79 to 60
  • BLU now has D rank Throwing skill
  • Fixed a bug where BLU physical spells were doing 0 damage when they should have instead missed. The message log will now say "The [monster] evades." when a spell misses
  • BLU physical spells that miss will no longer apply their additional effects, if any
  • Fixed a bug where BLU's Spiral Spin and Seedspray did not have any additional efects
  • BLU's formulas for physical damage spells have been completely rewritten: lower tier spells will soft cap on their damage much quicker, multi-hit spells had their damage and accuracy reduced, each spell's percent stat modifier will matter slightly more for damage, the attack stat will matter slightly less for damage, hit rates against EM+ mobs have been drastically increased and the overall damage will not vary so wildly (please provide feedback on this change via Discord, this will likely require ongoing tuning!)
  • Fixed a bug where SCH could not cast addendum-specific spells without the addendum active in the case where the SCH's sub or main job should've naturally had the spell available to it regardless
  • Fixed a bug where SCH's Light Arts regen bonus was only applying if SCH was the main job
  • SCH's unlock requirement has been lowered from achieving level 37 on three mage jobs (of BLM, WHM, RDM, SMN, BLU) down to achieving level 30 on three mage jobs
  • SCH now has access to the level 40 job abilities Manifestation and Accession
  • SCH now has access to a new job ability at level 5, Libra, which will give basic information on a target, including its strengths and weaknesses
  • Fixed a bug with SCH's Modus Veritas that was causing helix spells to last indefinitely instead of halving their duration
  • Helix spell durations have been reverted back to their retail calculation
  • Helix spell recast times have been increased from 25 seconds back to 41 seconds
  • Storm spell durations have been reduced from 10 minutes back to 3 minutes
  • WHM now has access to the spell Repose, however it has low accuracy unless used against undead
  • WHM's and PLD's Holy will now deal extra damage based on the amount of HP restored with cure spells, very similar to how Afflatus Solace would interact with it
  • WHM now has the Tranquil Heart job trait, reducing enmity gain from spells and abilities (white magic, blue magic, waltzes, etc.) while also increasing "Cure" potency
  • WHM's Divine Seal can now enhance any WHM spell or any divine weapon skill
  • BLM's Elemental Seal can now enhance any elemental weapon skill
  • All WHM and BLM spell costs have been made 75 cap-era accurate. The following spells have higher costs as a result: Raise II, Raise III, Reraise II, Reraise III and all elemental magic spells
  • The elemental magic damage calculations have been fully reverted to 75 cap-era
  • The Magic Attack Bonus from the trait called... wait for it... "Magic Attack Bonus"... has been increased
  • Regen, Regen II and Regen III now have their (longer) 75 cap-era cast times
  • DRK's absorb spell apparent cast times in the client now match their actual cast times of 2 seconds
  • Fixed a bug where Tachi: Kagero, Goten and Koki were dealing physical damage instead of magical damage
  • Fixed a bug where SAM's Hasso would not double attack with Zanshin if SAM was the sub job
  • SAM's increased parry rate from v19 has been further increased and has been moved onto the job trait Zanshin; it can now also break the parry rate cap
  • THF's Mug now has a soft cap on the amount of gil stolen and has slighter lower accuracy against notorious monsters. The total sum of gil that can be stolen per monster over multiple Mugs is unchanged. The amount stolen should be much more era-accurate now
  • The damage of NIN's Blade Ku has been increased
  • The job trait Smite has been removed from PUP
  • Fixed a bug where the PUP attachment Optic Fiber was crashing the server; it is again now sold in Nashmau
  • Homepoint crystals now reset PUP's Activate cooldown. Reminder: they already reset the cooldown on DRG's Call Wyvern as well
  • Fixed a bug where DRG's High Jump was removing less enmity if DRG was the sub job
  • Several ability, spell and trait descriptions have been updated in the game client to reflect the changes in this patch
  • Fixed a bug where switching instruments was resetting TP to zero
  • Weapon skills that completely miss now correctly update the TP gauge to zero
  • Fixed a dual wield-related bug that was causing all TP gain to be halved if a character equipped any item in the sub slot and then later unequipped it but kept an item in the main hand (i.e. switching from two one-handed weapons to a two-handed weapon)
  • Fixed a bug where ranged weapons could not be lockstyled at all; lockstyling across different ranged weapon types is now also fully supported
  • Crystal Bass has been added to the Land Pugil drop table in Jugner Forest so that the optional 3-2 San d'Oria mission is now completable
  • Fat Greedie has been added to the Beach Pugil drop table in Valkurm Dunes so that the Selbina quest Under the Sea is completable
  • Empress, Emperor and Chariot Bands now list their correct maximum experience bonus in their item description
  • The New Year's Gifts have been renamed to Event Gifts with more appropriate item descriptions
  • The title and character select screens now correctly state that the maximum number of characters per account is 1 instead of 16
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to ranged attack while resting
  • Full-consent dueling PVP has been added to the server with use of the !duel command. More info can be found on the new Server Guide article here
  • The v26 update for hitting moving monsters has been adapted and added to PVP so that hitting players that are moving around in erratic patterns or running away is a lot more consistent
  • Patch notes in the announcements section now have titles on them related to the biggest change in that update
This patch requires a FFXI client dat update for several of these changes. I will be posting information on this shortly in a separate announcement on the boards here (as well as updating the install guide). v29 will be going live at 5PM EST today (Nov 2nd).

Small note: there is currently a very rare bug that will crash the server when a weapon skill is used in PVP. After quite a bit of effort I haven't been able to reproduce it in testing. I added a bunch of server-side logging on weapon skills so if/when it does happen again I'll have information on where the weapon skill function failed so I should (hopefully) be able to roll out a fix pretty soon afterward. Someone please let me know when it does crash/restart so I can check the logs then.

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