How to Use AH Assist (Full Sales History)

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How to Use AH Assist (Full Sales History)

Post by Caelic » Mon Mar 11, 2019 7:07 pm

On darkstar private servers for FFXI you may list any amount of items on the auction house without limit. However, the FFXI client was hard coded by Square Enix to only allow viewing of the status of the first 7 item you have listed. Tonberry is the first FFXI private server to have an in-game solution to this issue.

AH Assist (!aha) is a sales history viewer that lets you search your listed items (past the 7 limit in the FFXI client) and expire them using keywords or other parameters. This command is accessible while near an Auction House. Below is the list of commands:

Used without any extra arguments, this command will simply display all of your listed items for you in the chat. It can be used along with a page number if your list is too large to display in one page, i.e. !aha 3 to see page 3. This command can also be used with a keyword to only display items that partially or fully match that keyword. Spaces are allowed in the keyword but must be represented by the underscore '_' character i.e. !aha holly_log. The two arguments can be combined to see extra pages of a specific search query i.e. !aha holly_log 2.

!aha sort [type]
This command will set how your listed items are sorted ex. !aha sort TIME. Valid sort types are:

!aha channel [id]
Sets the chat channel for all AH Assist messages from the server. Changing the channel will affect what color these messages come up in and will affect which window it is displayed in. Setting a channel is purely visual for how it displays in your client, it will NOT make the messages be sent publicly (ex. !aha channel SHOUT doesn't mean it gets shouted, only that it shows up in the shout color and has chat filters applied as if it was a shout). Valid channels are:

!aha expire
This command will expire listing(s) as you specify with the expired items being sent to your inbox as normal. There are three different types of expiry:
This will be in the format !aha expire 3d and will expire all listings as old or older than the specified age. Valid arguments are 1m ~ 59m or 1h ~ 23h or 1d ~ 364d.
listing id
This will be in the format !aha expire #52 and will expire one specific listing with that unique ID. You can see each listing's ID to the right of its item name when you use !aha.
The most powerful one of the three, this will be in the very simple format !aha expire bee. That example would expire everything from beeswax to beehive chips to bee spathas. The way this works is very similar to how keywords were described above.

!aha help
Pulls up a catalogue of help sections for each command which will provide info much like this forum post. Extra info is shown for each command which can be pulled with the command name, ex. !aha help sort.


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